TUNE YOUR LOOP: Fundamentals of Industrial Process, Measurement, and Control

TUNE YOUR LOOP: Questions to keep you sharp.

Tune Your Loop is a series of posts consisting of questions from ISA Training Courses.

1. Which of the following types of valves has the highest gain when the valve is nearly closed?

  1. Quick opening
  2. Equal percentage
  3. Fail open
  4. Linear

2. A controller in which an increase in output to the manipulated variable results in a
decrease in the controlled variable is called?

  1. Reverse acting
  2. Direct acting
  3. Fail safe
  4. Non-linear

3. Which of the following control modes causes the controller output to increase or
decrease at the same time the input increases or decreases?

  1. Integral
  2. Proportional
  3. Derivative
  4. Reset

4. Which of the following terms describe a control strategy in which the output of
one controller is used to manipulate the setpoint of another controller?

  1. Ratio
  2. Cascade
  3. Feedforward
  4. Fail safe

5. Which of the following types of control systems is typically programmed in ladder

  1. Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)
  2. Distributed Control Systems (DCSs)
  3. Single Loop Digital Controllers
  4. FieldBus


What are your answers before you read ahead?

1. a

2. a

3. b

4. b

5. a


From the ISA Course Fundamentals of Industrial Process, Measurement, and Control (FG05) pre-instructional survey.

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