Choosing a Calibration Provider

In late March, the ISA Oakridge Section in Knoxville, TN hosted a meeting around the topic of metrology and how to choose a Calibration provider.  They invited speaker Mike Duncan to share his expertise on the topic.  We were lucky to get the link to his presentation and wanted to share it with you.


What is the best source for the calibration of my instrument? The manufacturer? A third-party calibration lab? My own internal metrology lab? Does it really matter? You may be shocked to learn the answer and to hear the experiences of a 38-year veteran of the instrument and control engineering business. Learn how to identify the sources for a good calibration, specify adequate calibration requirements and review the calibration certificate to determine if you received what you are expecting.

View this PPT:

About Mike Duncan

Mike Duncan began his career with the Tennessee Valley Authority in 1977 following his graduation from Tennessee Tech University with a degree in Electrical Engineering. In his 11 year career at TVA, Mike served as an instrument and control engineer for Nuclear, Fossil and Hydroelectric generation projects, including instrumentation and control design, procurement, factory testing, commissioning and system maintenance. During his tenure at TVA, Mike served on the IEEE subcommittees responsible for generating standards for qualification of instruments for nuclear power plants. Mike continued his career at Oak Ridge in 1988 as Electrical Engineer for I&C eventually leading his becoming a Metrology Engineer at Y-12 and later the Metrology Manager for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, where he presently serves.

Mike is an active member of the National Conference of Standards Laboratories, International (NCSLI) where he serves and the Tennessee Section Coordinator and a member of the NCSLI Utilities Committee. Mike also serves on the DOE Metrology Steering Committee.

Visit the Oakridge section website to learn more or view more of their presentations.

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