ISA Collaborates with San Jacinto College

ISA is always looking to collaborate with colleges/universities to help develop the profession of automation by bringing more training opportunities to students and continuing education professionals.

As an example, on March 8th ISA and San Jacinto College signed a collaboration agreement to offer ISA training on the San Jacinto campus located at 8060 Spencer Hwy in Pasadena Texas.

A breakfast reception was held with attendees from the College, local industry and ISA staff and as well as the Texas Channel and Houston sections.  Our local sections are critical to supporting partnerships like this one at San Jacinto, as they represent the local industry and become a bridge to help students become active industry professionals.

Houston and Texas Channel Sections Get Involved

Marry Cannon from the Houston Section asked to be added to the agenda at the breakfast to share how the Houston section can work with San Jacinto to increase the student section on campus.  The College representatives were thrilled with her suggestions and are now making arrangements for Marry talk with their students. Both the  Texas Channel and Houston Sections spent time that week discussing the details of this collaboration program.

This is only the second college in the US and first in Texas who are participating in this new College Collaboration Program.  We encourage all of our local sections to consider how they can build similar relationships in their communities, and help be the bridge for students who are studying engineering by introducing them to the automation profession.

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