TUNE YOUR LOOP: OPC: The Windows to the World are Open

TUNE YOUR LOOP: Questions to keep you sharp.

Tune Your Loop is a series of posts consisting of questions from ISA Training Courses.

1. Examples of an OPC Client include all except:

  1. IO device driver
  2. Forms and Graphs
  3. Applied Statistics
  4. Pager

2. OPC stands for:

  1. Open Productivity Control
  2. OLE for Process Control
  3. Open Process Connectivity
  4. Object Parameter Criteria

3. The OPC_A&E includes standard interfaces to:

  1. create alarms and events
  2. manage alarms and events
  3. support simple, complex and multiple tier systems
  4. All of the above

4. All OPC Servers must present as a minimum which interface?

  1. unique
  2. custom
  3. browser
  4. application

5. String parameters in OPC as specified in the OPC Common are in:

  2. ASCII
  3. Unicode
  4. ITA2


What are your answers before you read ahead?

1. d

2. b

3. d

4. b

5. c


From the ISA Course OPC: The Windows to the World are Open (IC50C) pre-instructional survey.


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