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The Secret to a Successful Automation Industry LinkedIn Group

You started a LinkedIn group to bring visibility to your brand or attract more customers to your automation or control industry business. Maybe your goal is to showcase an industry topic or initiative. But despite your best efforts, discussions are few and membership is flat. If you are willing to put in a little extra […]

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Does Your Industrial Automation Business Have Social Proof?

The results of a provocative industry study confirmed a fairly well-known view: Industrial automation and manufacturing is still largely sitting on the fence when it comes to leveraging inbound marketing and social media strategies for business development and customer retention. Among the findings in the report, nearly half of all websites surveyed failed to establish […]

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Is Industrial Automation and Manufacturing Behind the Digital Marketing Curve?

Is the industrial automation industry behind the curve when it comes to the latest digital marketing strategies, new media tactics, website optimization options and social media marketing tools? That seems to be the conclusion of a new report that echoes earlier findings that a significant number of businesses operating in the industrial automation and manufacturing […]

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Typing on keyboard

The Right (and Wrong) Way to Market Your Brand on Linkedin Groups

Some might consider it social media heresy to use LinkedIn groups to promote a business or sell products. After all, LinkedIn established groups as a place for members to post business questions and industry viewpoints, discuss news and group-related topics, seek career guidance, make valued professional connections and learn about new job opportunities. So can […]

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Passing the Torch: ISA Social Media Community Manager

My Dear Friends at ISA, In case you didn’t see this news, I am stepping down from my role as ISA’s Social Media Community Manager.  I want you to know how much I enjoyed representing ISA and its members.   As luck would have it, I was offered an exciting new position at eCoast Sales in Rochester, […]

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Juliann Grant

Greetings from ISA’s Community Manager

Hello ISA friends,  I’m so glad to be here. I wanted take a minute and introduce myself to you and share some thoughts about what’s in store for the upcoming months.  For those who don’t know me,  I’m Juliann Grant, and I’m excited to be ISA’s first official community manager. I think the timing couldn’t […]

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Using Social Media to Your Advantage

Presented by Jon DiPietro at ISA Automation Week 2011 Your resume can be hundreds of pages long but weigh nothing. You can speak to several thousand people every day without ever opening your mouth. You can read hundreds of important news stories every day without searching for them. Dozens of people can make your acquaintance […]

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