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Fig. 1. Block diagram of a typical PID control system.

How Do You Know When Feedforward Is Needed?

In the ISA Automation Week Mentor Program I am providing guidance for extremely talented individuals from Argentina, Brazil, Malaysia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and the USA. We will be sharing a question and the answers each week. If you would like to provide additional answers, please send them to Susan Colwell at ISA. The third question […]

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Boiler Control Fundamentals (ES15W)

When working with balance draft boilers, regardless of the basic process control system or fuel being burned, you must control six basic functions — furnace draft, drum level, feed water, fuel, air, and steam temperature. This seminar will teach you what must be controlled and how the control systems operate.

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How to design and install a SCADA system

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, Fourth Edition, by Stuart Boyer, PE, BSc, EE, is an easily read, authoritative source of information about SCADA systems for professionals needing to quickly improve their knowledge of long distance process control and data acquisition.

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