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Integrating DCS I/O to an Existing PLC

At the NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) in Cleveland, Ohio, existing programmable logic controller (PLC) input/output (I/O) was replaced with distributed control system (DCS) I/O, while keeping the existing PLC sequence logic. Until about the year 2000, the GRC’s central process system (CPS) distributed control system used PLC I/O to remotely control and monitor process […]

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What is an Optimal Control System for Batch Manufacturing?

If you’re working in batch manufacturing, you are painfully aware of the ever-increasing demand to produce more and more and – while you’re at it – cut costs. Well, hey, you weren’t doing much this week anyway, so you may as well increase production and lower operating costs, right? Reducing the total cost of ownership […]

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How Can Front-End Loading Streamline the Control System Migration Process?

    Your control system wasn’t designed for the plant you have today − it was created specifically for the plant that was built long ago. Think of all the changes that have been made in that time, all the improvements in quality, throughput and enterprise integration you’ve made − or would like to make − […]

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Use Signal Characterization in the DCS to Linearize the Installed Flow Characteristic of a Valve

Signal characterization to linearize valve installed flow characteristic has a bad reputation due to some practical implementation problems. These problems can be addressed today by doing the characterization in the distributed control system (DCS), but the stigma remains. With pneumatic positioners, signal characterization was done by the use of a cam. Standard cams were based […]

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10 Pitfalls of DIY Control Systems

The debate over the virtues of the distributed control system (DCS) vs. the programmable logic controller (PLC) has been ongoing since these two architectures came into existence 40 years ago. But as functionality differences narrow and price points align, the arguments are getting more intense than ever. The DCS has always focused on distributing control […]

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What are the Benefits of Migrating from an Older DCS to a New Automation System?

Many distributed control systems (DCS) in process plants are approaching the end of their useful lives, forcing facilities to migrate from an old DCS to a modern automation system. Although these migration projects require significant investment, funds spent can often be recovered quite quickly through savings from improved operations, less downtime, and decreased support costs. […]

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Four Top DCS Migration Experts and the Secrets They’ll Share

Every day manufacturers struggle with questions about their DCS migration. The risks involved. The business case. How to get started. What’s at stake for your organization — and your career? To help you get the information you need, ISA is sponsoring a free webinar in conjunction with MAVERICK Technologies called Straight Talk on DCS Migration.  […]

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101 Tips for a Successful Automation Career

Tip #57: Be a Team Player

When I started my career, I could pretty much execute the entire automation system design from my desk using company standards, company specification forms, extensive vendor catalogs, and access to a host of company experts. I had the benefit of an eight-week internal training program on instrumentation and controllers. Now the mentors are gone, most […]

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