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How to Improve Industrial Automation Security

The history of industrial automation fascinates me. Continuous innovation and new technologies have taken manufacturing processes that originated in the Industrial Age and catapulted them straight into the information age. Just as productivity seemed to be topping out, the Internet helped boost productivity and efficiency to previously unimaginable levels. Unfortunately, as industrial automation roared into […]

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Cybersecurity is a Vital Automation Industry Workforce Issue

One of my favorite shows is NCIS Los Angeles. Every Monday night I sit in front of the tube to see what type of threat agents Callen, Deeks, Kensi, Sam, Nell, and Eric will encounter. Usually these episodes are all about crimes being investigated, either in the U.S. or at some remote place around the globe, […]

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Remotely Managed Industrial Automation Cybersecurity

Epic Turla, Regin, and BlackEnergy are the names of just a few in a series of recent malware discoveries that target industrial automation control systems (IACS). The increasing volume and sophistication of these types of threats has driven the topic of operational technology security all the way up to the corporate boardroom. Unfortunately, the attack […]

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How to Secure Industrial Control Systems for High Reliability and Robust Performance

      I am always pleased to share operationally sound methods for deeply layering security, and I frequently demonstrate live hacks that illustrate how exploits can be countered undetectably to hackers once they’ve breached the firewall — as they inevitably will. Recently I had the opportunity to team with an expert security researcher to […]

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Protecting the Operational Integrity of Industrial Infrastructure

New powerful and capable industrial control systems and software solutions have created more opportunities for manufacturers to pursue and achieve greater levels of efficiency, performance, and profitability. Businesses now have more data to measure and analyze, as well as more opportunities to use that data to drive efficiency. This greater interconnectivity between systems and software […]

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ISA Spring Leaders Meeting and the Building Blocks of Success

For this blog post, I want to review ISA’s Spring Leaders Meeting (SLM), which was held in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, 13-14 June 2015. This annual meeting is attended by Executive Board members; geographic, operational and technical assembly members; department and division directors; staff; spouses and other special guests. The purpose of the SLM is […]

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ISA Strengthens its Position as a Leader in Industrial Automation and Control Systems Cybersecurity

Results of a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, canvassing more than 1,600 leading experts on the Internet and computer systems and networks, predicted that a major industrial cyberattack will occur sometime within the next 10 years that will cause widespread harm to America’s security and welfare. “Widespread harm” was defined as significant loss […]

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Figure 1. Alarm management is not a static process, and it needs to be adjusted to match changes in the process and other new operational practices. Regular audits coupled with change management procedures help avoid undocumented modifications made by operators that can have potentially serious consequences.

Effective Alarm Management Planning Using ANSI/ISA-18.2

Although distributed control system (DCS) selection is one of the most important steps in the design of a new or upgraded process plant, some users now consider such a system a commodity and give its selection far less thought than it merits. The result is a generic control system that provides little more than the […]

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Managing Industrial Control System Cybersecurity

The purpose of industrial control system (ICS) cybersecurity is to ensure that the industrial process performs safely and as expected. It should only perform at the right time, for the right people, and for the purposes for which it was designed. Anything outside those conditions is often considered a cybersecurity incident. Small improvements to the […]

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Man without identity programing in technology enviroment with cy

The Industrial Sector is Uniquely Vulnerable to Cyberattack

Cybersecurity is a growing international concern. Global insurance market Lloyd’s of London’s Risk Index 2013 rated cybersecurity the number three top threat to the global economy in 2013, up from number 12 the previous year. With the rise of cybercrime, it is important for companies and organizations to understand their unique vulnerabilities to this type […]

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