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Training Effectiveness: The Importance of a Personal Touch

Training and learning new skills are topics that employees often communicate as things they want more of from their employers. Unfortunately, those are very general terms and can be applied in many ways. What exactly is training, and how can it be implemented? It is important to take a 360-degree approach to developing employees. Companies […]

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101 Tips for a Successful Automation Career

High Pay Is Great but Life Is Too Short to Stay in an Engineering Job You Dislike

Around the middle of my career, I was becoming disenchanted with the reorganization of my plant and decided to pursue another job. I found what appeared to be an excellent opportunity – big raise, generous relocation package, awesome benefits, and a lucrative bonus. It sounded like a “can’t lose” opportunity and I jumped at the […]

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Eight Steps Critical to a Complete Supplier Selection Process

A supplier selection can end your career or launch it. With leaner engineering departments and more options to choose from, selecting the right solution is an ever growing challenge. These decisions often represent millions in long-term total cost of ownership. Making up a process on the fly isn’t an option. You need to select a […]

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Make Sure the Coffee Is Strong and the Pot Brews Quickly on Start-up (career tip)

This may seem like a crazy tip, but there is a lot more truth in this statement than you might realize. It’s directed to management, but a young engineer may have reason and opportunity to encourage management to do this. Concept: Simple things like strong coffee and a fast brewing pot seem minor, but during […]

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