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Automation offers a competitive advantage in the dairy industry

The dairy processing industry has completely transformed since I began my career 20 years ago. We used to only care about two things: unloading raw product, and shipping final product out the door. But now, of course, things are much different. Everything that happens throughout the process has value. For example, we used to dump […]

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Don Lovell

Tuning Control Loops Course: What is a “Bump Test”?

A customer had a poor performing loop in the brewery. The problem would really become an issue once in awhile depending on the operating conditions in the plant. The problem would be passed from person to person, shift to shift with no real answer. In discussing the problem with a controls engineer, the engineer asked […]

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Oilve Oil Factory

Food Safety and the Role of an Enterprise Batch Record

Today, I want to look at two primary issues facing food and beverage processors: food safety and compliance with government regulations. The two go hand in hand. With the results of the recent election, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) will move forward and the provisions of the law will impose new requirements that food […]

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Fig. 2. Systems hierarchy.

Batch Control System Project for a Pharmaceutical Plant

Abstract: This paper describes a case study of a control system design for a batch pharmaceutical process. The ISA standard ISA-88 batch control models and terminology were used as the main guidelines for the implementation. As the ISA-88 is not a guide for how to apply the definitions/structures, etc., one of the main goals of […]

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