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The Key to Asset Management is Management

    Assets come in many forms including physical assets, people assets, legal assets, knowledge assets, property assets and others. Wikipedia defines asset as an economic resource – anything tangible or intangible that is capable of being owned or controlled to produce value. Simply stated, assets represent value of ownership that can be converted into […]

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Factory equipment

Make Smart Assets Your Reliability Specialist

    According to industry estimates, most installed measurement instruments are “smart.” Smart devices provide more than just the process variable measurement using the 4-20mA signal. In order to maximize your investment in smart measurement devices, better manage your operations, lower your operating costs and improve plant reliability, intelligent information from those devices should be […]

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Check engine light in yellow on automobile dashboard

Are Smart Devices in a Plant Your Most Valuable Assets?

Think of the usefulness of the diagnostics in your automobile: Few of us know or even care about the hundreds of functions being carried out by a car’s “brain” under the hood.  On-board diagnostic (OBD) systems give the vehicle owner or repair technician access to the status of the various vehicle subsystems. Modern OBD implementations […]

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Make Sure the Coffee Is Strong and the Pot Brews Quickly on Start-up (career tip)

This may seem like a crazy tip, but there is a lot more truth in this statement than you might realize. It’s directed to management, but a young engineer may have reason and opportunity to encourage management to do this. Concept: Simple things like strong coffee and a fast brewing pot seem minor, but during […]

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ISA-100.11a network

Analysis of Wireless Industrial Automation Standards: ISA-100.11a and WirelessHART

The use of wireless transmission is part of everyone’s life. Every day, companies develop and update products with wireless capabilities. The benefits of mobility make the use of wireless equipment almost a necessity. The online life is now possible not only through computer desktops but also through cell phones, tablets, notebooks, and TVs, which makes […]

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New approach required for factory floor to business enterprise integration.

Loose and Tight Systems

There is a lot of talk today about the integration of the “enterprise” and the “factory floor.” I have enjoyed a lot of this discussion. … There are also new terms being thrown around like digital factory and integrated intelligence. However you look at it, there is more and more talk (and action) toward linking […]

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Video can bring you clear, easy-to-understand information from the far reaches of your process.

New Way to Envision Your Remote Process

There has been much advancement in recent years in hardware and software technologies that are enabling more choices in instrumentation that can be put into the field and data that can be brought back to the control room. However, this equipment only provides you with data. This data must be interpreted into practical information in […]

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Old Dogs, New Dogs

The addition of new people to the automation profession provides a great opportunity to avoid “reinventing the wheel,” and with the synergy between the new dogs and old dogs—the experienced automation professionals—new ideas are created that fuel innovation. The new dogs can teach the old dogs new tricks, and the old dogs can teach the […]

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Brian Cunningham

The Reliability of Wireless Mesh Networks in Industrial Environments

Wireless Track:  Using Wireless e-Tablet/iPod/iPhone Technology Presenter/Author: Mr. Brian Cunningham, Cooper Bussmann Wireless Business Unit With increasing requirements on plant managers to reduce operating costs and increase safety, wireless connectivity is an attractive alternative to buried cable and conduit.  However questions remain as to its performance in industrial settings and more so, what will happen during […]

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