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Remotely Managed Industrial Automation Cybersecurity

Epic Turla, Regin, and BlackEnergy are the names of just a few in a series of recent malware discoveries that target industrial automation control systems (IACS). The increasing volume and sophistication of these types of threats has driven the topic of operational technology security all the way up to the corporate boardroom. Unfortunately, the attack […]

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Plant-Wide Control: Eco-Efficiency and Control Loop Configuration

Abstract: Since the eco-efficiency of all industrial processes/plants has become increasingly important, engineers need to find a way to integrate the control loop configuration and the measurements of eco-efficiency. A new measure of eco-efficiency, the exergy eco-efficiency factor, for control loop configuration, is proposed in this paper. The exergy eco-efficiency factor is based on the thermodynamic […]

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successful outsourcing depends on understanding your culture

Successful Outsourcing Depends on Understanding Your Culture

Most companies outsource some portion of their project or engineering service needs, because fewer and fewer are fully self-sufficient. Invariably a manufacturer has to decide which elements of the business are critical enough to require internal execution, against those either generic enough to pass to someone else or specialized to a degree that require outside […]

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The Automation Professional as Change Agent

To create the greatest value for their employers, automation professionals need to be change agents. In my experience a change agent is a person with specialized knowledge and know-how who facilitates positive change to improve operations efficiency. Industry today is in great need of automation change agents skilled and knowledgeable in a wide range of technologies. Today […]

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automation engineer mentors new worker

How to Achieve Success in Your Automation Career

From primary education through graduate learning, workforce development is vital to our growth as a profession. ISA has formed a partnership with FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), and the Automation Federation has developed the Automation Competency Model and is working with various learning institutions to develop automation-specific curriculum. With all of […]

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generalized regression neural network structure

Development and Comparison of Neural Network-Based Soft Sensors

Abstract: The online estimation of process outputs mostly related to quality, as opposed to their belated measurement by means of hardware measuring devices and laboratory analysis, represents the most valuable feature of soft sensors. As of now there have been very few attempts for soft sensing of cement clinker quality which is mostly done by offline […]

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ChemScan nitrite analysis during startup

Taking Denitrification to the Next Level

In 2006, one of the largest water reclamation facilities in northern Virginia needed to expand the facility from 18 to 24 million gallons per day (mgd) to support future growth in Prince William County, Va. At the same time, new regulations necessitated an upgrade to improve the nutrient removal capabilities of the plant. The new […]

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Bottoms level-to-flow cascade strategy

The Basics of Distillation Column Loop Tuning

Controlling distillation columns is a tough assignment due to the interacting nature of the process and the upstream/downstream effects of loop tuning. In this example, the column bottoms level control had stability problems (cycling), causing manual operation and the operators’ constant attention. The bottoms level needed to be controlled to a set point that minimized […]

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Diagnosis of Broken-Bars Fault in Induction Machines Using Higher Order Spectral Analysis

Abstract: Detection and identification of induction machine faults through the stator current signal using higher order spectra analysis is presented. This technique is known as motor current signature analysis (MCSA). This paper proposes two higher order spectra techniques, namely the power spectrum and the slices of bi-spectrum used for the analysis of induction machine stator current […]

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