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Automation industry conferences and exhibits from ISA

ISA’s 54th POWID Symposium speaks to issues in automation, instrumentation and controls in the power industry.

In Charlotte, North Carolina this past June 2011, power industry professionals gathered at one of the most credible events that focused on innovations in cybersecurity, Smart Grid and variable energy technologies which impact power generation delivery systems. Here the experiences and benefits from those who attended ISA’s 54th POWID Symposium.

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Wireless Systems and Gas Turbine Engines

Peter Fuhr, a distinguished scientist with Oak Ridge National Laboratories comments on the ISA Communication Division’s participation in ISA Symposia.  The 57th International Instrumentation Symposia was held in St. Louis, Missouri on 20-24 June 2011 at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel.   Dr. Fuhr shares his comments on Wireless Standard 107.4 and technical presentations that covered […]

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What’s Happening in the Power Industry

Below is an abstract from a paper entitled, “Power Supply Considerations For Digital Control Systems” by Paul E. Stanley, PE, of Hurst Technologies, Corp. This paper was presented at the 54th ISA POWID Symposium in Charlotte, North Carolina in June 2011. Power Supply Considerations For Digital Control Systems KEYWORDS Digital Control Systems; Critical AC; Vital […]

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