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ISA Relies on Your Input to Continually Improve

In this month’s post, I turn my attention to the last of our four focus areas for 2016: Voice of the Customer (VOC). I hope that by taking a closer look at these priorities for the Society (the three others are Alignment, Leadership and Globalization), we can better understand their significance and collectively work to achieve […]

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ISA Is Committed to Expanding Its Global Presence

This month, I continue my examination of what I deem to be the four priority areas of focus for the Society in 2016. After previously covering Alignment and Leadership, I turn my attention to the issue of Globalization (leaving the fourth, Voice of the Customer, for May). Globalization is a complex matter for any company […]

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Sustaining ISA’s Tradition of Strong Volunteer Leadership

As you recall, last month I focused my blog post on the issue of Alignment, one of four important areas of emphasis for ISA in 2016. This month, I tackle the second: Leadership. Leadership is a complex topic and incorporates several key aspects: The Search, Identification & Nomination Process; Succession Planning; Training & Education; and […]

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Setting ISA’s Priorities for 2016 and Beyond

I am really excited and honored to become the President of ISA in 2016. I’ve been an active member of the Society for more than 30 years and have served in numerous leadership positions. I feel confident that my experience and exposure with various operations of ISA have prepared me for this position. I’m looking […]

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An Opportunity to Celebrate ISA’s Successes and Build on Its Achievements

The Fall Leaders Meeting, held 10–13 October, 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky—my hometown—was an agenda-packed event attended by ISA’s Executive Board members; Geographic, Operational and Technical Assembly members; department and division directors; committee members; section leaders and delegates; honorees; and guests. It was a great opportunity to celebrate the Society’s successes to date in 2015—of which […]

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ISA is Enhancing its Capabilities to Deliver Timely, Relevant Content

In this post, I turn my attention to another ISA strategic goal, content. This is my fifth and final blog on ISA’s five strategic goals, as I’ve previously examined advocacy, cybersecurity, data, and coolest delivery. I hope that I’ve helped you better understand ISA’s goals, realize their importance to the Society, and recognize the progress […]

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How ISA is Establishing Expertise in Coolest Delivery

The role of technology in making it easier and more convenient to connect to information is only going to increase in the coming years. Fueled by growing consumer and business demand and the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), devices of all kinds can now be interconnected and used to communicate with each other […]

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