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Need Automation Workers? Who You Gonna Call?

Everybody’s talking about the lack of qualified automation professionals – “autopros” as I have referred to these fine folks in previous blogs – to meet the needs of process manufacturers starving for employees. Everybody’s talking about it, but some are doing something about it.  Here at ISA, we do both.  Talking is my forte (ask […]

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ISA Develops Cybersecurity Resource Guide

Industrial control systems are often responsible for the monitoring and management of critical assets such as power generating facilities, water and wastewater treatment plants and transportation networks. Control systems in many industries have to remain operational 24/7 to meet operational and regulatory requirements. To address the increasing interest in securing private industry and public infrastructure, […]

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During the FIRST Robotics Competition, high school students worked in teams to design, build, program, test and fine tune their robots to meet the challenges of competition.

FIRST Championship demonstrates young people’s passion for science and technology learning

If recent events in St. Louis, Mo., are any indication of the future of automation, then prospects are indeed bright. More than 10,000 students from around the globe, from ages 6 to 18, gathered April 24-27 at the Edward Jones Dome to put their engineering skills and scientific know-how to the test at the annual […]

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Bill Lydon

ISA Fully Engaged in Cybersecurity

Presidential Executive Order on Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity draws comprehensive response from ISA and AF U.S. Presidential Executive Order 13636, announced in President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address and signed on 12 February, is intended to confront the growing threats and risks of destructive and potentially deadly cyber attacks on the nation’s critical infrastructure. […]

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Take the automation industry survey

What’s going on in the automation industry? What are current trends and challenges? How does the industry compare to our current membership base? Help ISA gain views and insights from automation professionals and automatically enter to win an Apple iPad®.  Take the 10-minute industry survey by midnight June 15. ISA is conducting this survey because […]

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ISA Member’s Choice Awards: Time To Cast Your Vote

Voting for this year’s Member’s Choice Awards is now open. The Member’s Choice Awards recognizes those individuals who have demonstrated exceptional leadership as decided by someone who knows them best — you! There are many wonderful things about being awarded the Member’s Choice Award — peer recognition, an amazing trophy, bragging rights, and an incredible […]

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Share knowledge, network and stay current at ISA Automation Week

I/O, I/O, so off to work I go…simple, right?  Input. Output. Repeat. That’s the recipe for process automation, there’s no denying it. Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  If only it were that simple.  If it required nothing more than to memorize this little recipe, we could get a dumb robot (programmed in Fortran!) to handle our […]

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ISA certification programs can position employees and employers to succeed

In today’s tough economy, many employees are searching for ways they can stand out from the crowd, both strengthening their hold on their current jobs and boosting their prospects for career advancement. On the other side of the coin, employers—facing tight hiring budgets and fierce marketplace competition—are expecting that workers have the proven experience and […]

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How Do You Keep New Engineers From Leaving Your Business?

Recently, a customer of mine who resides on the Gulf Coast (but is not an oil & gas or petrochemical company) approached me with a very interesting problem.  He had lost all of his process engineers to other companies over the past three months, taking all of his process and control system knowledge with them.  […]

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