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Consider the Big Picture When Justifying an Automation Project

Clearly, any new automation project requires economic justification.  While this often involves hard “dollars and cents” quantification of cost savings from increased production, reduced raw material costs, or increased uptime; it is also about “soft” benefits, such as reducing risks and improving agility.  All contribute to making your company more competitive.  This article will focus […]

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Make Sure the Coffee Is Strong and the Pot Brews Quickly on Start-up (career tip)

This may seem like a crazy tip, but there is a lot more truth in this statement than you might realize. It’s directed to management, but a young engineer may have reason and opportunity to encourage management to do this. Concept: Simple things like strong coffee and a fast brewing pot seem minor, but during […]

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ISA Author Spotlight: Greg McMillan Career Is an Open Book

Winner of ISA’s prestigious ISA Life Achievement Award in 2010 and many times recognized and awarded for his achievements during the course of his career, Greg McMillan is ISA’s most prolific author. Greg cranks out at least one book—sometimes two—a year, has written several articles for InTech and other magazines, and just completed the third […]

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