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Q&A with Author of New Edition of ISA Book Industrial Automation and Control System Security Principles

Q. Why were you compelled to publish an updated edition? What differentiates the second edition from the initial version? A. I wanted to cover the latest thinking and approaches to industrial automation and control system (IACS) security.  This new edition addresses the most recent, formal methods and their practical applications to IACS security.  The book […]

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Q&A with Authors of ISA Book Industrial Data Communications

Q. Why did you feel it was important to introduce/write a new edition? A. (Thompson) Data communications is not a static or necessarily “mature” technology. New concepts, applications, and data rates are continually changing. While at a somewhat slower rate, those that improve process communications filter into the industrial areas. A text must be updated, […]

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Q&A with Co-Author of ISA Book The Tao of Measurement

Q. Why do you believe the book is a “must-read” for all those involved in instrumentation or process control? A. This book provides indispensable information for anyone involved in instrumentation or process control. It explains the principles of operation pertaining to all the main types of temperature sensors, pressure sensors and transmitters, and flowmeters. It […]

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Q&A with Authors of ISA Book Performance-Based Fire and Gas Systems

Performance-based Fire and Gas Systems Engineering Handbook is co-authored by Austin M. Bryan, Elizabeth Smith, and Kevin J. Mitchell, senior staff members at Kenexis Consulting Corporation. In this blog Q&A, Austin provides important insights on the book’s value and significance. The book provides a thorough overview of fire and gas (FGS) design lifecycle presented in […]

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