Old Dogs, New Dogs

This is an excerpt from the July/August 2012 InTech “Talk to Me” by Chief Editor Bill Lydon. For the entire article, please click the link at the bottom of this post.

The addition of new people to the automation profession provides a great opportunity to avoid “reinventing the wheel,” and with the synergy between the new dogs and old dogs—the experienced automation professionals—new ideas are created that fuel innovation. The new dogs can teach the old dogs new tricks, and the old dogs can teach the new dogs old tricks! There are great advantages to pairing experienced and novice together.

The value of getting to know each other is underrated. Both experienced and new people need to listen to and respect each other. Someone once reminded me that our anatomy is designed for listening, which is why we have one mouth and two ears. “Listen twice as much as you talk” is good advice, but difficult to follow. An open, sharing attitude is essential for this to be effective, and management would ideally provide time for experienced automation people to mentor the newcomers so everyone can work together.

To read Bill Lydon’s entire “Talk to Me” column, click here.
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