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In this best-selling book, 30-year veteran Thomas Hughes covers the basics of process, measurement, evaluation and control. This book delivers a practical introduction to the technologies, systems, and strategies involved in industrial process control. Whether in a classroom setting or as a self-paced learning tool, “Measurement and Control Basics” is a great introduction to instrumentation for new automation professionals.Measurement-and-Control-Basics

Some features of the book include:

  • Definition of process control and process control systems
  • Chapters focusing on pressure, temperature and level measurement
  • Introduction to loop control
  • Bonus CD-ROM

About Thomas A. Hughes

Thomas Hughes is a long-time member of ISA with over 30 years of experience, including Dow Chemical, Rockwell International, and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

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I gave a copy to each of my new instrument techs and they found it was a great learning tool for someone just starting out in this field.
– Emile Richard

Measurement and Control Basics, 4th Edition

Ideal for classroom use or self-study, this newly revised best-selling book has provided thousands of students, technicians, sales people, and others with a practical introduction to the technologies, systems, and strategies involved in industrial process control. The fourth edition takes the same proven intuitive approach of previous editions. Each chapter begins with basic definitions and mathematical concepts that allow readers to become well versed in the principles necessary to understand the variables that affect process control systems. New features in the fourth edition include improved coverage of analytical measurement and control, and the addition of sections on the international standard for PLC languages; process visualization; and personal computer-based control systems. The book also includes solutions to exercises that make it more suitable for self-study. A bonus CD-ROM is also included!

Product ISBN/ID: 978-1-55617-916-7
Format: Softbound Book
Length: 375 pages
Shipping Weight: 1.09 lb(s)
Copyright: 2007
Publisher: ISA

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