How to detect and solve common process control alarm system problems

Alarm Management: A Comprehensive Guide, Second Edition, by Bill R. Hollifield and Eddie Habibi, outlines a practical seven-step approach to implementing alarm management that’s been proven effective in hundreds of actual projects across dozens of different companies and industries.Alarm Management: A Comprehensive Guide Second Edition

Readers will learn why most process control alarm systems perform very poorly, and exactly how to go about improving them in a cost-effective and proven manner. After all, poor alarm systems have been specifically cited as contributing factors to major accidents and process upsets. The regulatory aspects of the ISA-18.2 standard on alarm management are covered along with detailed information covering how to effectively implement and comply with the standard.

The book is particularly valuable to:

  • All end users of DCS and SCADA control systems, such as chemical plants, refineries, power plants, pipeline Operators, oil Production platforms, mines and pharmaceutical companies
  • Engineering groups within end-user companies that configure DCS and SCADA control systems, and contract engineering companies that fulfill project work that includes configuring DCS and SCADA systems.
  • Companies that manufacture DCS and SCADA systems

Book’s unique value to the reader:

  • Facilitates alarm rate reductions up to 80 percent by outlining low-cost, low-effort solutions to many common problems
  • Pinpoints the fundamental sources and nature of problems and delivers exact and detailed techniques to solve them
  • Serves as a single, comprehensive source of practical, often very simple ways of significantly improving alarm systems
  • Summarizes the knowledge gained from hundreds of successful projects in many different industry segments
  • Incorporates an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand writing style

Key topics covered:

  • The importance of a comprehensive alarm management approach
  • How poorly performing alarm systems can impede operators’ response to problem situations
  • Practical methods of efficiently accomplishing complete alarm rationalization, traditionally perceived as too difficult and expensive to achieve
  • Deciphering the ISA-18.2 standard on alarm management, with practical methods for implementation

About the authors:

Bill R. Hollifield is principal alarm management consultant at PAS, a world-wide developer of advanced automation solutions. In his position, Hollifield is responsible for the alarm management work processes and products, intellectual property, and software product directions for both Alarm Management and High Performance HMI.

He has widespread international, multi-company experience in all aspects of alarm management, and has spent many years in the chemical industry with a particular focus on project management, chemical production and control systems.  Hollifield co-authored the alarm management guidelines for the Electric Power Research Institute, and served as voting member of the ISA SP-18 Alarm Management committee. section editor for ISA-18.2, the working group lead for ISA-18.2 Technical Report 5, and voting member of the API-RP-1167 committee on Pipeline Alarm Management.

Hollifield holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Louisiana Tech University and an MBA from the University of Houston.

Eddie Habibi is the founder and CEO of Houston-based PAS. Prior to establishing PAS, He has directed the growth of PAS since its initial founding in 1993 as a professional consultancy. Today, PAS is a global provider of advanced automation solutions to the processing industries worldwide with operations in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Habibi is a recognized industry thought leader in the areas of operations effectiveness, automation intellectual property asset management, data mining and knowledge management. Prior to founding PAS, He held various positions at Schlumberger and Honeywell International.

Habibi holds an engineering degree from the University of Houston and an MBA from the University of St. Thomas

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Here is clear guidance for the technical expert who must implement an effective alarm management system and excellent insights for the manager who must justify the necessary investments.”
—Arthur R. Colwell, Senior Vice-President at BASF Corporation

The Chapter One overview should be required reading for all individuals with management responsibility in Manufacturing, Engineering, and Process
Safety within our industry.”
—Jim A. Conner, Vice President, Manufacturing at Celanese Chemicals

Alarm Management: A Comprehensive Guide, Second Edition

Authors: Bill R. Hollifield, Eddie Habibi
Product ISBN/ID: 978193600-7554

Format: Softbound Book
Length: 260 pp.
Book Size: 7 x 10
Shipping Weight: 1.13 lb(s)
Copyright: 2011
Publisher: ISA


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